Respecting and protecting customer privacy is vital to our business. By explaining our Privacy Policy to you, we trust that you will better understand how we keep our customer information private and secure while using it to serve you better. Keeping customer information secure is a top priority, and we are disclosing our policies to help you understand how we handle the personal information about you that we collect and disclose. This notice explains how you can limit our disclosing of personal information about you. The provisions of this notice will apply to former cust­omers as well as current customers unless we state otherwise. 

The Privacy Policy explains the following:

  1. Protecting the confidentiality of our customer information. 
  2. Who is covered by the Privacy Policy. 
  3. How we gather information. 
  4. The types of information we share, why, and with whom. 
  5. Opting Out - how to instruct us not to share certain information about you or not to contact you.

Protecting the Confidentiality of Customer Information

We take our responsibility to protect the privacy and confidentiality of customer information very seriously. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to store and secure information about you from unauthorized access, alteration, and destruction. Our control policies, for example, authorize access to customer information only by individuals who need access to do their work. 

From time to time, we enter into agreements with other companies to provide services to us or make products and services available to you. Under these agreements, the companies may receive information about you, but they must safeguard this information, and they may not use it for any other purposes.

Who is Covered by the Privacy Policy

We provide our Privacy Policy to customers when they conduct business with our company. If we change our privacy policies to permit us to share additional information we have about you, as described below, or to permit disclosures to additional types of parties, you will be notified in advance. This Privacy Policy applies to consumers who are current customers or former customers.


How We Gather Information

As part of providing, you with financial products or services, we may obtain information about you from the following sources:

Applications, forms, and other information that you provide to us, whether in writing, in person, by telephone, electronically or by any other means. This information may include your name, address, employment information, income, and credit references. 

Your transaction with us, our affiliates, or others. This information may include your account balances, payment history, and account usage. 

Consumer reporting agencies. This information may include account information and information about your creditworthiness. 

Public sources. This information may include real estate records, employment records, telephone numbers, etc.

Information We Share

We may disclose the information we have about you as permitted by law. We are required to, or we may provide information about you to third parties without your consent, as permitted by law, such as: 

  1. To regulatory authorities and law enforcement officials. 
  2. To protect against or prevent actual or potential fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims, or other liability. 
  3. To report account activity to credit bureaus. 
  4. To consumer reporting agencies.
  5. To respond to a subpoena or court order, judicial process, or regulatory authorities.
  6. In connection with a proposed or actual sale, merger, or transfer of all or a portion of a business or an operating unit, etc.

Opting Out

We also may share information about you within our corporate family of office(s). We may share all of the categories of information we gather about you, including identification information (such as your name and address), credit reports (such as your credit history), application information (such as your income or credit references), your account transactions and experiences with us (such as your payment history), and information from other third parties (such as your employment history). 

By sharing this information we can better understand your financial needs. We can then send you notifications of new products and special promotional offers that you may not otherwise know about. For example, if you originally obtained a mortgage loan with us, we would know that you are a homeowner and may be interested 

in hearing how a home equity loan may be a better option than an auto loan to finance the purchase of a new car. 

You may prohibit the sharing of application and third-party credit-related information within our company or any third-party company at any time. 

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